Dear Dr. Paul,
You make our days brighter! When we first came to your piano studio we barely knew how to play piano. Over the last few years, you have taught us so much about piano, from technique to theory.
Thank you for all of your help.
       Kalyn & Sydni
Dear Dr. Paul and Ms. Joanne,
Thank you so much for 13 amazing years of piano lessons. Piano has been one of the few activities I have stuck to since I was 5 years old, and it's all thanks to your amazing teaching, love and support. You have become like family to me and watched me grow up and I am so grateful for the incredible influence you have had on my life. You are the most amazing role models I could have asked for, and I hope to have a relationship as loving and caring as yours someday. You taught me not just technique and theory, but an appreciation of music and beauty and art, as well as perseverance, dedication, patience and of course, practice. I'm going to miss the recitals an workshops so much, but I'm so grateful for all the amazing opportunities you've given me and all the effort you've put in to help me succeed. Thank you so much for everything.
                  Lots of love always,
Dr. Paul,
First of all, I really want to say thank you so much for all of those times when you have inspired, supported and taught me. I have not only learned music but also life lessons that are essential in life. Within those four yours we studied together, I've grown and still am growing so much! Even though music is sometimes difficult for me, I'm starting to get a hint of what music really is and how to really enjoy it. I also  gained so much confidence, I don't think I could've made this far without you (this far meaning having my solo recital!) I know that this is just the beginning of my career, so I will work harder and take every chance to become a better musician!
                   Thank you!   Jun
Dear Dr. Paul,
Thank you so much for being my piano teacher! I have learned a lot and will learn much more  next year. (I'm not exaggerating one bit).
       Your bestest most awesome student,
To Dr. Paul,
Teaches as does he, from a baby to adult, from beginner to performer, in my heart he'll always be.
          Jasmine, Your humble pupil.
Hi Paul and Joanne,
I'm off to Harvard for college, which I am so excited about.  I was also accepted to do double degrees at Bienen and Peabody conservatories. I just wanted to tell both of you thank you so much for all the years of wonderful teaching and musical enrichment you brought to my life, and I essentially owe it all to you two. Thanks for everything.
All my best,
Dear Paul & Mrs. Joanne,
Thank you for the past nine years of piano lessons. You've been a big part of my life and I appreciate all you've done for me.
Thanks again,
Dear Paul and Joanne, ,
I'd like to wish you both the very best and express my deep appreciation for all the music and kindness and fun! I will very much treasure my memories: recitals at your house (and mine) and at friends' homes., playing in church, potlucks and parties and singing. It is a great pleasure in my life to have known you both. And to Paul, I consider it a privilege to have been your piano student.
Warmest regards,
Dear Mr. Mihaly,
Thanks for being such a great teacher over the course of these past ten years. In the future, I can only hope to be as skilled and optimistically friendly as you!
                          Thanks again,
Dear Dr. Mihaly,
It's been an honor and a pleasure taking piano lessons from you for all these years. You've played such a large role in my musical and personal development, and I thank you for being such a funny, inspirational and talented piano teacher.

Dear Dr. Paul,
It's been really fun taking piano lessons from you! Each lesson was different and I learned something about you and music. From your quirky stories to your funny jokes. I will remember you always as a great mentor. I hope to stay in contact, as this is not a goodbye, because neither you nor I know what the future holds.


Hi Paul!
I fell in with the musical theater crowd at Harvard, and began playing more piano in order to start music directing musicals. .... I interned on a professional production at the American Repertory Theater called Waitress, and then was asked to join the team bringing the show to Broadway. I have now served as the assistant music director for three Broadway shows, and this past February made my Broadway debut subbing on keyboard at Frozen. I'm making a living as a pianist largely (if not entirely) due to the amazing foundation you  and Joanne laid for me. I'm so happy to have had you both as teachers.
With love and gratitude,